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Alaleh Kamran brings over 32 years of state and federal trial experience to your defense. 

At the Law Offices of Alaleh Kamran, we have handled thousands of state and federal criminal cases across the nation providing each client with comprehensive, personalized, and passionate legal representation. Clients are assisted by our team of experts, investigators, and research associates. 

From initial law enforcement contact, to investigations, arrest warrants; from arraignments, bail hearings, pre-trial motions, motions, and trial work, we work with you in lock step providing you with a rigorous defense.  In addition, we provide post-conviction remedies such as expungement, motion to withdraw the plea, petitions for factual innocence, early termination of probation, and sealing of arrest records. 


Strategic Defense for Criminal Cases: 


At the Law Offices of Alaleh Kamran, we use a strategic approach to criminal defense. We carefully analyze the case, considering evidence and circumstances, to determine the optimal defense strategy. Our experience helps us guide you in making the right choices for your situation and family, whether through aggressive prosecution or strategic negotiation.


We recognize that the criminal justice system can be intimidating and complex, with far-reaching consequences. Therefore, we're committed to protecting our clients' constitutional rights and freedoms, advocating zealously on their behalf.


The Law Offices of Alaleh Kamran handles a wide range of misdemeanor and felony cases, including but not limited to:


  • Violent Crimes

  • Driving Offenses 

  • Homicide (Voluntary, Involuntary, and Negligent)

  • Narcotic Offenses (trafficking, sales and transportation) 

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Bank Fraud 

  • Money Laundering

  • SBA Loan Fraud 

  • Tax Evasion

  • Healthcare Fraud (Unauthorized Practice of Medicine allegations, FDA criminal charges, medical devices, FDA misbranding) 

  • Wire Fraud 

  • Rape and sex crimes 

  • Domestic Violence

  • Property Crimes 

  • FAA violations 

We understand the physical, emotional and financial toll that injuries can take on your life. If you have been injured in a car accident, we are here to stand by your side and fight for your rights. 


We are deeply committed to securing rightful compensation for your injury, unwavering in our dedication to your complete recovery. Our determined efforts encompass addressing all aspects of your injury-related difficulties, from lost wages and medical expenses to long-term consequences and the emotional toll, whether dealing with minor or multifaceted injuries.





State and Federal Asset forfeiture statutes empower the government to seize property connected to crimes. These include cash, real estate, vehicles, weapons, computers, cell phones and other items of personal property. These seizures often take place at the Airports by DEA or Customs agents, by the local police agencies who then turn over the case either to the Federal prosecutors or keep it within the State Jurisdiction. 


Asset forfeiture laws require the government to establish probable cause to seize assets connected to a crime, placing the burden of proof on them. The Burden of Proof is even higher when the government intends on forfeiting the asset in question. You need an aggressive attorney to challenge the government’s actions.  


There are strict deadlines to meet if your assets have been seized. Taking action is crucial to challenging the seizure and retaining ownership. The Law Offices of Alaleh Kamran can identify legal weaknesses of the government’s seizure and their procedural violations to advocate on your behalf throughout the proceedings and obtain the return of your property.

After a criminal conviction or criminal investigation, the state board can initiate disciplinary proceedings. Which may potentially lead to license suspension and revocation. If you have a criminal case and have a license, we will tailor your defense in such a way so that you have the least amount of damage to your account. We keep in mind the importance of preserving and protecting your license. 


In Los Angeles, various specialized professions require valid licenses, including architects, dentists, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and insurance and real estate agents. Maintaining an active license is crucial and failure to do so can result in criminal charges for working outside the scope of your profession.


In cases where a professional faces consumer complaints or allegations that put their license at risk, an investigation may follow, potentially leading to license suspension or revocation. Such outcomes can significantly impact a professional's reputation and career advancement.


The Law Offices of Alaleh Kamran excels at navigating the intricate intersection of federal and state criminal and licensing laws, all with the aim of shielding your personal and professional life from accusations.


(Administrative Hearing Defense)

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