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Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney, Alaleh (Ahh-La- Lay) Kamran, was first recognized for her work in handling the defense of Damien Williams. [first to pull Reginald Denny from his truck during the Watts riots in 1992]

Over the past 32 years she has handled many federal and state high profile cases, including: USA v. Reyhani. [the #1 wanted man on the INTERPOL list for money laundering]

She also handled the high-profile case, the People v. Blake Leibel, the Canadian heir convicted of one of the most gruesome murders in Los Angeles—he was alleged to have bled his victim to death.

Other highly publicized cases have included the defense of Moosa Hanoukai in a murder case.

Alaleh has also represented Hollywood celebrities such as Jeremy Jackson, in a stabbing case, best known for his role as Hobie Buchannon on the television show Baywatch.   

Other notable high-profile clients include: V. Stiviano, girlfriend of former Clippers’ owner, Donald Sterling

She has also represented Mohsen Namjoo in the defense of the sexual abuse allegations made against him.

Her latest case that made the headlines is USA v. Melahat Rafiei, the Iranian Democratic power broker of Orange County:

Practicing in both state and federal courts around the country, Alaleh Kamran also defends police officers who have been criminally charged.  She handles a broad range of cases, from misdemeanor to felony cases, some of which include DUI’s, domestic violence, rape, murder, gang-related murders, assaults on police officers, and even cases that involve INTERPOLE. Her federal practice includes white-collar defendants in money laundering, drug trafficking, healthcare, and banking fraud cases. Recently, she successfully defended a street racing murder case in Los Angeles, that made headlines nationwide.


She is also multi-lingual; fluent in Spanish, Persian and French, and has been a broadcast analyst commenting on political and election-related issues on major outlets like the BBC Persia, Voice of America and Iran International. She also is known for her keen interest in political affairs and general elections and has spoken both nationally and internationally on various topics related to the elections and constitutional law issues.  Additionally, as a commentator and on-air personality, Alaleh Kamran has also appeared on KTLA, commenting on the DNA evidence in the Golden State Killer case. She has also appeared on Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, CNN, Law and Crime Channel, KNBC news, and, on E! Entertainment. She has been quoted and mentioned in People Magazine, The Guardian, the Daily News, The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, and on a variety of celebrity crimes.


A frequent lecturer and prolific blogger, Alaleh Kamran has served on many prestigious boards and received awards for her philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. They include a commendation from the City of Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and a certificate of recognition from the California State Senate for her work in the prevention of domestic violence, and other causes. With a keen interest in the arts, she also serves as legal counsel for the Beverly Hills Film Festival. In the past, she been a past president of the Iranian American Lawyers Association, a former board member of the Iranian American Jewish Federation and is extensively involved in Women Empowerment groups—one of them the Steering Committee for the Iranian American Women’s Foundation.


Alaleh Kamran has handled federal cases in the following states: California, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona and Washington. 

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Kamran is admitted to practice in the following states:

  • California:  Southern and Central Districts

  • Michigan:  Eastern District

  • New York:  Southern District

  • Texas:  Northern District


  • 2010: Certificate of Recognition, City of Los Angeles

  • 2010: Certificate of Merit, County of Los Angeles, Bd of Supervisors

  • 2010: Certificate of Recognition, Los Angeles Sheriff Department

  • 2010: Humanitarian of the Year, Jewish Unity Network

  • 2005: Domestic Violence Community Award, County of Los Angeles

  • 2005: Certificate of Recognition, California Senate

  • 2005: Certificate of Commendation, City of
    Los Angeles


  • 2005: Certificate of Recognition, City of Beverly Hills

  • 2001: Woman of the Year Award, Iranian American Jewish Organization


Board & Memberships

  • 2011-Present: Iranian American Women Foundation, Steering Committee

  • 1994-2011: Iranian American Jewish Federation, Executive Board

  • 1992-1999: Iranian American Lawyer Association, President, Secretary, board Member, etc.

  • 2010-Present: The Private Defenders, Board member

  • 1992-Present: California State Bar, Licensed Member

  • 1992-Present: California Public Defenders Association, Member

  • 1992-Present: California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Member

  • 1992-Present: National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Member

  • 2007-Present: Beverly Hills Film Festival, Board member

  • 2009-2018: Noor Film Festival, Board member

  • 2016-Present: Cross Cultural Expressions (LGBTQ) Community Counseling Center, Board Member

Notable Cases

  • People v. Jeremy Jackson Dunn [star of Baywatch]

  • People v. Blake Leibel (Murder)

  • In Re V. Stiviano (LA Clippers)

  • USA v. Yun Xing (N.Y.S.D., Preet Bharara) (Money Laundering and Drug trafficking)

  • People v. Shayesteh (Street Racing and Murder)

  • People v. Damian Williams (LA Riots)

  • USA v. Reyhani (Money Laundering)

  • People v. Guarino (20M Fraud Prosecuted by Kamala Harris, Office of Attorney General)

  • People v. Osher (Healthcare Fraud)

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Media Appearances

  • Radio KIRN 670 a.m.: Host of Weekly Show – Crimes and Punishments 2006-2017

  • Good Morning America

  • KTLA Channel 5

  • The Guardian Newspaper

  • People Magazine

  • New York Post

  • CNN International

  • E! Entertainment

  • CNBC

  • Access Hollywood

  • Nour TV

  • ITN

  • Los Angeles Times

  • BBC Persian

  • Iran International

  • Daily Journal

  • Variety

  • Breakfast with Homa Sarshar

  • The Ed Tyll Show (Starcom Radio Stations)

Lectures & Seminars

  • Hadassah

  • ORT

  • Nessah Cultural Center

  • Beverly Hills Police Department

  • Los Angeles Police Department

  • AJF

  • JUN

  • Beth David

  • Torat Hayim

  • B’Nai Brit Foundation

  • Siamak Foundation

  • Cal State University Fullerton

  • LA County Department of Mental Health

  • Iranian American Bar Association

  • Cal State LA

  • Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB)

  • UCLA

  • Iranian Chamber of Commerce

  • 30 Voices

  • Milken High School

  • Phillips Graduate University

  • IAPA

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