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Notable Cases

In the last 30 years, Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney, Alaleh Kamran, has handled various federal and state high profile cases. Kamran was first recognized for her work in handling the defense of Damien Williams (first to pull Reginald Denny from his truck during the Watts riots in 1992). Some of her notable cases include: USA v. Reyhani [the #1 wanted man on the INTERPOL list for money laundering], the People v. Guarino, USA v. Yun Xing, a Southern District of New York $22-million money laundering and drug trafficking case for which she was able to get a dismissal for her client. She also handled the high-profile case, the People v. Blake Leibel, the Canadian heir convicted of one of the most gruesome murders in Los Angeles—he was alleged to have bled his victim to death.

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